Reclaiming my creativity—Week 1

Since I was laid off from work a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about (other than getting a job) introducing more creativity into my life. Although, I must admit the first two weeks were spent recovering from bronchitis so it’s only been this past week that I am intentionally dedicating time during my day to writing and drawing.

I spent last week in College Station and San Antonio visiting friends and family. I came to the conclusion there is virtually nothing to do in Bryant/College Station and almost too much to do in San Antonio. Now, there may be an inherent bias there as I attended UT but I didn’t get the sense there was much about.

Except the sky. The sunset, at least on one of the nights I was there,  was spectacular. Of course, the locals were unimpressed and declared that “it wasn’t as impressive as normal”.  However, I was inspired and went out into the backyard both to enjoy the colors, the cool air and grab a picture (of an unimpressive sunset).

I walked across the field eyes aloft yet managing to avoiding the fire ant hills (those buggers are mean). It was only after getting back to the house did I realize there were probably snakes out there, as well. 


Oranges and reds streak across a Texas sky