Creativity: Building garden walls is creative, too

I've not been writing/drawing much the past week or so because I've been building a garden wall. I wanted to wait until the temps topped out at 95 before beginning any manual labor so my timing was perfect.  Living a mile closer to the sun means that the sun is uniquely positioned to draw out any moisture from your body, and singe any part of you that is exposed.

I dug, carried bricks, laid them then relaid them because the wall looked a bit askew. I'm still not finished but slowly the wall is taking shape and slowly the garden is coming together.  What was interesting or at least validating was that the more I dug, carried and stacked, the more creative in my thinking I became.  The power of movement, especially walking, allows us to think bigger.

Here's this amazing quote from Rebecca Solnit's Wanderlust, "I sat down one spring day to write about walking and stood up again, because a desk is no place to think on the large scale".

It's easy to get caught up in tidying, chores, etc and equate that with efficiency and time well-spent but at the end of the day it's kinda boring and temporary. At least, I'll have my wall for as long as I want it or the dogs knock it over.  And it got me moving in different ways and from all that movement came a reminder to continue being creative.  I wasn't walking but I was moving and creating.


Creativitly stoned

The wall is not aslant, it's the ground