Creativity: Drawn to Jamestown

I love Jamestown: the Mercantile, the dogs that lounge in the middle of Main St. , just the whole the spirit of the place. This amazing, quirky mountain town was all but cut off during the terrible flooding of 2013. The road to Jamestown was washed away, taking homes, trees and enormous boulders thundering down the canyon. The flood redirected the creek, widened the canyon and destroyed so much in its path. But Jamestown rebuilt, the Mercantile held on and the city continues to rebuild. The road to Jamestown is being rebuilt this summer; sections of it would not be out of place on a cyclecross course. I know I rode it last week; the drivers patiently waiting for me as I was the last 'vehicle' on the single-lane portion of the rode. They even waved at me--that's Jamestown. Last weekend, we headed up for 4th of July pancakes.  The park has been rebuilt, the stage was filled with musicians and dogs roamed around making sure drivers kept way under the speed limit in town.