Framework flow and marketing

Happy New Year!

I don’t really have resolutions but this year I’d like to read more books; I’m getting tired of 140 characters and want something with some depth again.

I just finished reading Project to Product by Mik Kersten. Recommended to me by people at work, I was admittedly reluctant to read it. But I really got into it and found it a bit like a self-help book in many ways, which I know was not its primary intent. Its purpose was to help inform and guide how organizations tie development efforts back to business goals. There is this thinking out there that there is a disconnect between developers and the business and Kersten’s book is designed to help the two sides come together.

What I liked about it was that it made me think how I could applies some of the same principles to marketing. Ideally, as part of a ‘Flow’, marketing assets and measures would flow into a model as it moves along from idea to consumption.

But on its own I think there is value in tying marketing platforms to artifacts to business value. A campaign may have a number of key metrics but what are the one or two that can be leveled up as part of a project’s flow. And would connecting those marketing elements be, in some way, really an abstraction for the customer journey.

Next up is Edna O’Brien’s “Country Girl”. Big deviation from the process book but I’m sure I’ll find a connecting thread there somehow.